Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality Gaming 


We are a family run business who offer you a unique and different virtual reality gaming experience for any occasion and age group withing the comfort of your home or choice of venue.

imagine actually fighting Rocky Balboa Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago to take the world title or driving high performance cars against the worlds best or even battling your way through haunted houses against the living dead !! every experience will make your heart race and the Adrenalin pump

Virtual Reality is not playing whilst looking at a big screen but actually being in the game amongst it with 360 degree radius and unlimited tilt up and down this makes the experience so real. Believe us when we tell you that the VR experiences are unbelievable and enjoyable for all ages and occasions.

We Endeavour to make your VR Experience as enjoyable as possible, so if you require a certain type of game or tour to suit a particular group, we will try our upmost to match your requirement ( Subject to Availability )

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